Hatching Twitter: A true story of money, power, friendship, and betrayal

Are you on Twitter?

A group of four guys who had previously failed at various start-up companies in Silicon Valley in the 90’s create a social network app that rivals Facebook in that it connects people from all over the world with little to no parameters and/or restrictions.  What could possibly go wrong?

Well, everything goes wrong.  From its conception, there has always been a power struggle among Twitter’s creators.  The general idea of Twitter was the result of an impromptu conversation in the front seat of a car between two guys after a night of drinking and partying.  From that moment on, it has been a push and shove power struggle between each of the co-founders that includes but is not limited to back-stabbing, lying, misleading, and cheating.

This is the story of a social network app that revolutionized how we communicate.  Twitter has played an integral part in connecting people around the world.  It has started wars.  It has ended wars.  It has represented the strongest forms of human connection.  It has broken up marriages.  It has affected the outcome of both national and international elections.  It’s fun.  It’s dangerous.  And, behind the scenes of the company whose net worth is billions of dollars, it is even messier…

Trigger warnings: Language, drug references

Why I read it: Recommendation from a friend

My thoughts (may contain spoilers)